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Thread: Yet another new guy please for drum recoring help!

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    Hello. I'm new here.

    I'm in a 2 man hardcore punk rock "band" and it's time to make a demo and look for a guitar player. First things first - good DIY drum recording...

    Okay - here's what I have to work with:

    (1) Yamaha MT 400 4-Track recorder

    (1) 8 channel Behringer Mixer

    (2) Shure 57s

    (3) Audio Technica ST90s

    (1) CAD NDM11 kick drum mic

    (2) CAD NDM10 tom mics

    (1) semi-decent drum set

    (1) fast handed hardcore punk rock drummer

    Were going to record drums and the basic guitar track live at the same time, then do overdubs of second guitar, bass, vocals. So, fellow DIY rock-n-rollers, please spill your knowledge this way!

    Going for the best demo quality we can get, but we're not out for that Bob Rock sound or anything. AKA: We have a 4-Track recorder and we can't afford any effects processors or whatever. We're keepin' it RAW (if we like it or not).

    Any experienced basement studio wizards that can offer any tidbits of wisdom will be regarded as heroes. Mic placement, mixing tips, anything will help.

    Thank you.

    Hey - this was easier than I thought. I may have stumbled on to the first useful aspect of the internet here! Aside from ****, that

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    I have done a bit of this very thing...
    Here's what I would do...
    Set up your drum mics to get the best sound possible and mix them down to a single track on the 4-trak. Perform the song without your guitarist.
    When you pre-mix the drum track, make sure the snare is LOUD since you play hardcore... You cant adjust it after you record and too loud is better than not loud enough...
    You'll probably have to make a few passes at the drum track to get the mix right.
    Overdub guitar, then bass, and then vox.
    This method restricts you to a mono drum track and no 2nd guitar, but you avoid ping-ponging which REALLY kills your overall sound...
    My first band recorded a demo like this and it got us into a showcase...
    Good luck.


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