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Thread: Removing Badges

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    Removing Badges

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    I have a guitar player friend who happened upon a 90's Premier Double Bass gonz-hugic setup from a drummer associate who needed bail money

    Anyway, he broke the set down to a normal 5 piece for use in his studio and had left the remainder of the kit in a storage unit for the past few years...

    I have now acquired the 'leftovers' (22" kick, 10", 14" and 16" toms) and the finish on the kick drum has been pretty marred up over the years from the larger ride tom rims 'bouncing' on it. The rest aren't looking too bad.

    I'm thinking about just giving them all a new wrap facelift, but can't figure out how one removes the badges without ruining them or the vent hole..?

    Any tips?
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    The best way that I've found to remove a badge grommet is by taking a pair of diagonal or side cutters ( ) and snipping the ring on the inside of the drum.
    Then bend those pieces out of the way with a pair of needle-nosed pliers.
    Then stick the needle-nosed pliers into the grommet and twist it; you should be able to twist and shove it out of the drum's air vent enough to grab it from the outside. Then just pull it out from the outside.


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    There was an article about this in the December 05' Modern Drummer. You can go hear to order the isssue It looked like useful tips.
    Good luck!

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