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Thread: Not a standard hook up - pad + pedals

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    Not a standard hook up - pad + pedals

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    Hey guys,

    I'm using an Akai MPD218 for drumming and I really like it so far, I want to take it to the next level and figured what I need is pedals to be used as kick pedal and hi hat control pedal, I'm not familiar with USB type pedals as suchs:

    do you guys know any USB conencted pedals that I could work with? OR
    how could I use two pedals and through what interface they could work with my system?


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    You need some sort of trigger I/O in order to add a kick and hat pad. I have never seen anything that works direct to USB from the pedal. Hi hat pedals don't work like other pads do, they feed Resistance to a module and in turn that module reads that information and translates it to various states of open and closed. I only know this because I had to fix one .

    Kick pads are just piezo pickups that get hit with a pedal so they are a bit simpler.

    But either way you need to start with a module:
    Alesis Trigger iO <---- not made anymore so you can usually find them pretty cheap used. You don't have to go with this exact one but a drum brain is needed so it can either have sounds inside of it or not.

    Then it's just a matter of picking up the correct things to attach to the above module like the fallowing (although you don't have to use the fallowing, they are just examples and you can certainly find them cheaper):

    Roland FD-8 Hi-Hat Control Pedal | Sweetwater

    Roland KD-9 | Sweetwater
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