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Thread: Need help with initial Roland V drums setup

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    Need help with initial Roland V drums setup

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    I know, I could do searches and stuff, but I'm not a drummer, and wouldn't know what to look for. Here's my simple question:

    I just added a drummer to my group, and he has a very nice Roland Virtual drums setup (don't ask me which version, I don't know). Next week I'm meeting with him, and bringing my L1 Model 1 w/2 B1's and T1. He's sold on the Bose, there are no issues there, and I'm sure we'll have to tweak down the road.

    But are there any quick initial things I need to know, based on all of your experience? Just basic do's or don'ts. I was going to run his single 1/4" output into my T1, just to give me volume control onstage at my effects or alteration at all.

    And while I'm here, do you all feel I'll need another pair of B1's? I want it to sound real, and good, but I'm doing Buffett style acoustic music, no hard rock or anything.

    Anything I need to watch out for, initially?

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    Without knowing the total logistics of his setup, I'll just give you some of the most basic things to watch for. Through the years I've owned Roland TD5, TD7, TD8 and TD10 VDrums...

    You say you're going to run a single 1/4" out from his drums to your Bose and you will control the volume... If he doesn't have any other form of monitors, that might get a little weird for him.
    Also, most of the presets in the VDrums are set up in stereo... Running just a mono cable out might leave some sounds lacking a bit.

    You say you're doing acoustic Buffet-style music, so I'm guessing volume will be pretty subdued... Depending on what pads he is using, you'll want to be aware of the sound of his sticks hitting the pads might be audible to the audience in a distracting way. Some of the older pads (TD5) and many of the Cymbal triggers are a hard rubber and/or plastic and can be real 'clicky' when struck.

    I've never used the L1 system, but have had pretty awesome results with just amping my kits with some pretty basic setups... I'm thinking just the two B1's will suffice.

    Hope this helps!

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