I managed to get a laptop bag but there weren’t many that would fit this mixer! I got the KROSER 18.5" Laptop Briefcase Bag for 33.99 from Amazon. The only actual proper mixer bag I could find was the Gator 18x15” but that only has one compartment so any cables or other accessories you want to transport with the mixer would have to go in with it and be cluncking around on top of the mixing desk and there is nothing to strap the mixer in place either.

The Kroser at dimensions 18.5"x13.5 is actually half an inch smaller than the mixer in depth, which is 14” (17x14”). You can just about squeeze it in, but only if you put it in a certain way. You have to put the front in first under the zip and then slide the back in. It’s a bit fiddly to get in and out but when it’s in it’s a snug fit with lots of nice pockets and compartments for the accessories. I have packed with it a pair of 20ft XLR leads for the main output, a pair of 15ft jack leads also for the main output, all 7 of the Shure XLRs mic cables, the power plug and I’ve slid the instruction booklet into one of the inside pockets too. Ready to rock and roll!

dsc00611-jpg dsc00612-jpg

However, I do have another question. If we send the output with the XLR leads (from the XLR main out) into the PA XLR inputs won’t the PA be expecting a mic signal? Aren’t the PA XLR inputs for microphones, for vocals etc.? But it will be getting a line level signal? Would we be better sending the output to the PA into the PA jack inputs?