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Thread: Looking for a good drum library

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    Looking for a good drum library

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    So Iíll start this off by saying I donít know how to play drums so Iím looking for something that is easy enough to use. Iíve looked into ez drummer 2 and superior drummer 3 software and Iím kind of leaning toward ez drummer 2 since SD3 is more expensive. Is it worth it to buy ez drummer 2 and cross grade to superior drummer 3 later on or should I just save for SD3? Iím also open to other drumming software.

    Budget is around $200-300 right now.

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    I have both Ez drummer 2 and Superior Drummer 3.

    If you are just looking to mash out demos EZ drummer is more than good enough in my opinion.

    That said, Superior really is superior in pretty much every way. There are libraries in ez drummer where the routing flexibility is limited quite a bit. Off my head the Rock Solid library has all the toms on one channel. This means leveling them in your daw isn't possible. In Superior not only is it possible to bus things however you want, you can take the bleed out in other drums, create midi from acoustic drums for use in superior, the plugins are great, and the routing is pretty much unmatched by any other drum software (I own a few).

    Also: Unless it was changed in version 2 (I don't remember TBH) Superior is 24bit samples where as EZ drummer is 16bit. This pretty much doesn't matter at all but it's another thing to note.

    TL/DR: EZ drummer is excellent, sounds good, and is easy to use. Superior Drummer 3 is superior in pretty much every way though and many of the features carry over. Also anything you bought for ez drummer can be opened in superior 3 so you don't lose those libraries.
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    EZ Drummer is on sale for black Friday at $89, which is a very good deal.

    You can also grab the free Slate Drums 5 kit that they're giving away. Slate's interface has always been clunky, but their samples are solid.

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    Rayzoon's ' Jamstix ' is an outstanding drum software concept. It's years ahead of any ' sample ' based software - and very reasonably priced. It also has an excellent user forum , the tech help is superb and it's in the business for the long run. It makes ' pattern ' software sound like robots building a shed.

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