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Thread: Finger Drumming

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    Finger Drumming

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    How do you like to record your midi drums? I have seen some guys play those pads and some are really amazing! I don't have the time to practice that skill. What is your preferred method on recording midi drums? Keyboard or pads. I don't have a controller so I was curious if it would be something that would make things easier. I just find a loop and edit it in the piano roll. Does anyone else just do that and do you ever feel that you need a midi controller?


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    I have one of those first act toy drums that I circuit-bent a 1/4" jack into.

    Then I have an elaborate series of Reaper track templates for listening to those drums and converting them into midi. It still requires 3 passes (kick and snare, hats, toms and crashes), and I have to manually adjust.

    This works for me, but it is a very silly system.

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