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Thread: e-drum + superior drummer + cubase 6 = no sound!!

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    e-drum + superior drummer + cubase 6 = no sound!!

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    Gentelman..... Might there be any good souls out there who would be willing to give step by step directions on getting sound from my Alesis edrumset. I am very knowledgeable in Cubase 5 & 6 and the terminology also. But my skills lay heavily on audio side and just started practicing more advanced midi theory. I will give more details to who ever might help me. Oh and a quick FYI... I get sound in toontrack stand alone. please help a crackah!!

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    Hey dood. I'd help ya but I never hooked one of them there things. I would assume it needs to be enabled somewhere. Somebody here will get you hooked up I'm sure. Good luck!

    PC Win7-64-24G i7-4790k/Cubase 10 Pro 64-bit/2-Steinberg UR824's/ADAM A7x/Event TR8/SS Trigger Plat Deluxe/Melodyne 4 Studio/Other things that don't mean anything if a client shows up not knowing what it wants.

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    Well not knowing what drum brain your using it goes like so (I use a Rolland through a cheap midi to usb converter box):

    Either a usb to midi, or a midi cable to your midi device (even if it's the ports that came with your hardware you need to get the midi into your computer). If it's the alesis trigger I/O then usb...

    Either way the out midi port needs to go to an in midi port connected to your computer.

    In cubase on either the midi or instrument track you need to select as an input the device you have your ekit connected to (midi device), if your brain is the midi device (like the alesis trigger I/O) then that's the device, if not that it's the device you have it connected to.

    Leave the in ch. to "all" unless you need it on a specific ch.

    If your using a midi track instead of an instrument track, then you need to route the out of the instrument track to superior drummer.

    You need to use the GM KIT preset in your e kits drum brain and you need to ARM the midi/instrument track or turn on monitoring (the orange speaker button) in order to hear superior play.
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