I just briefly skimmed over the massive four page thread about favorite drummers. But since we are a community of recording artists, let me recommend some studio drummers for y'all. 1. John J.R. Robinson. you know you've heard him if you have a radio. He's is absolutely the top call session cat in L.A. Quincy Jones favorite. Drummers would do well to study this man. How he achieves his sound,how he strokes, tunes and mostly reacts to the song.
2. Harvey Mason. He's the one on Seal's "kiss From a Rose" and "Don't Cry" (I f I'm not mistaken), his regular gig is with a band called "FOREPLAY". A true recording master.
3. Mickey Curry. One of the better ballad players around. Check him out with Bryan Adams and Hall and Oats.
Note the steady almost hypnotic meter that these guys posses. That is an element often reffered to as "SWING", as in a clock pendulum, not neccessarily reffering to jazz, but that is after all where it all started anyway.