im getting a bit deeper into cubase, the lesson for today was the Drum Editor so it gave me the chance to ask what ive always wanted to ask, the ways and techniques of creating drum beats for various genres - trip hop/downtempo, tribal, drum n bass, breakbeats, techno, idm/glitch and anything else that electronica uses. im really interested to experiment on all of them. i have some experience on drum loop manipulating and creating beats on FL when i was using this software years ago, i have never used a drum machine but ive been told they are very powerful (i hear Kontakt, Battery & Superior Drummer are among the best machines), and drum editor is something new to me too. so which way (and the combination between them) in your opinion matches best for each genre, generally speaking of course because the techniques are endless i assume. also where is it best to use drum loops and where use separately kick/snare and hi hats. this is one of the most important aspects in making music so im really interested to hear your opinion guys. thanx