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Thread: anyone know how to rewire a nonlatching sustain pedal for a Yamaha DD55 bass pedal??

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    anyone know how to rewire a nonlatching sustain pedal for a Yamaha DD55 bass pedal??

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    Hi, I got a Yamaha DD55 Digital Drum machine for $20 at flea market and it didn't come with pedals so I got some standard non-latching keyboard sustain/punch in pedals as recomended by the guy at my local music store who said to order one from yamaha would cost me like $60 and wasn't worth their trouble. I have 3 pedals & they all work fine on the left/pedal 2/hi-hat side of the DD55 ... but don't work on the right side/pedal 1/bass pedal... after a couple of minutes of fooling around I managed to get a sound out of the bass side with all three pedals (individually of course) by going through my wah wah pedal and leaving instrument input plug halfway out so I'm pretty sure it's not the drum machine or the pedals that's the problem per se'.

    I have 2 no-name hinged type pedals with a push button type trigger which works better for me...the other one is a yamaha flexi type with a rubber switch which triggers on contact but is prone to misfiring with the slightest foot spasm as do the stock pedals that come with the DD55 from what I've read... however with the hinged push-button type pedal going through the wah pedal w/ the the plug in halfway it only triggers on the release on the bass pedal side so it is impossible to keep proper rythym with my right foot. I took it apart and it looks fairly simple there are 2 wires and 3 contacts on a small chip there is a silver wire that apears to be a ground or return? which is soldered to the right terminal and the other copper? wire is connected to the left terminal leaving the center terminal empty, logic tells me keep the ground were it is and move the other wire to the center or replace the whole cord with a Tip ring sleeve cable but simpley using a T/R/S adapter didn't do the trick... I don't want to electricute myself or short anything out or spend too much time experimenting... so I was wondering if anyone knows for sure if I can rewire this sustain pedal so it works the way it's supposed to on the pedal 1/bass pedal for the DD55 with out the wah pedal.... Or any other cheap and easy solutions (yeah I know "get a real drumset"... I'm working on it but I'm a guitar player and the DD55 is useful toy for some things I do.)


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    You can try switching the ground wire with the other. I've had luck doing this with keyboards that didn't feature polarity switching for pedals. You shouldn't be worried about electrocuting yourself, or damaging your equipment. You are working at control voltage levels, and poses little in the way of hazards.
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