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Thread: any Real sounding drum machines ??

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    The pearl high end module (mimic) has Steven Slate samples in it. The Pearl R.E.D. Box module has some toontrack and slate samples inside as well. Those are the only ones I'm aware of though. The Modules are also seriously lacking in RAM compared to a PC so I highly doubt the samples sound as good as the VSTi counterparts do. I've only briefly played a R.E.D. module and while I remember it being good I don't remember going "oh wow."

    There was a product called the Muse Research receptor that would load VSTi like a module. The problem with that is I have no idea what kind of processing power or RAM the thing had or if it's even worth the sqeeze in 2018. It was like $2k back in the day.

    The reality though is pretty much "no" there really isn't any drum module that has samples as good as the VSTi you buy for PC and trigger via midi like Superior Drummer 3.
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    Hi.thanks for all your input .It does sound like a I'm either into a bunch of money or the computer type route again .I'll give it some thought .

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    If you’re looking for “reastic” drum samples you really should go the route of Toontrack’s Superior Drummer 3, or, at least, their economy version of SD3: EZDrums. I know it means buying a pc/Mac and a DAW, like Cubase or Pro Tools, but you’ll be so surprised at the options u will have, and even happier with your end-results. Good luck!
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