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    Doc Music Station Val Drive II - Best Overdrive I've Used!

    by on 07-17-2019 13:09 [b]SOUND[/b]: Val Drive II has found a home on my pedalboard. With a drive that ranges from mild to moderate, it provides a good ‘zing’ to clean channels, so that you have something between clean...Read more on Audiofanzine

    Doc Music Station British Bender - Thick and Heavy Fuzz that Mimics the Tones of Led Zep, The Who and The Stones

    by on 07-15-2019 05:05 [b]SOUND[/b]: An aggressive fuzz with an edgy distorted quality, British Bender definitely is more boisterous than it is smooth, although that depends largely on how clean your clean amp channel i...Read more on Audiofanzine

    Hohner SE35 - Hohner as good as 1960's ES 335 or Epiphone

    by on 07-14-2019 02:43 I have'Gibson-ised' it as I love the '58 era dot inlay 335's, but could NEVER afford genuine one! What astonished me, apart from build quality is there is even the oval orange paper copy of model t...Read more on Audiofanzine

    Seymour Duncan SH-8B Invader Bridge - Seymour Duncan SH-8B Invader Bridge

    by on 07-11-2019 21:06 I purchased the invader pickup for my Eddie Vanhalen custom Stratocaster that I built. And the power and tone is unreal! It sound's better than Eddie's I kid you not. It even sound's as good as my...Read more on Audiofanzine

    Hotone Audio OMNI AC (Acoustic Sim) - Mimic the sounds of a Jumbo, Grand Auditorium, Steel String, Nylon String and others

    by on 07-10-2019 08:29 [b]SOUND[/b]: Your acoustic guitar will sound like an acoustic when combined with the OMNI AC (it does not sound artificial) You are taking your raw acoustic tone and customizing it so that it so...Read more on Audiofanzine

    Akai Max49 - Expecting allot but flaws in design

    by on 07-09-2019 05:08 I so loved this keyboard, - Looks good - great quality feel keybed - good functions and controllers But unfortunately: - I had my second gig with it, now in open air and the touch faders be...Read more on Audiofanzine

    Eventide Rose - Unique and Awesome Sounding Modulated Delays

    by on 07-04-2019 05:28 FYI… if you’re not into watching/listening to the entire demo, I encourage you to put on headphones and tune in around 10:15 for a sample composition with various Rose settings that was recorded wi...Read more on Audiofanzine

    Epiphone Dot Studio - jazz-y-java !

    by on 07-01-2019 10:14 Excellent feeling w sound (pickups neck) : "on se prend pour Bireli" !... Neck is sooo big !; but sound is more !... :) For "intelligent" - not snob - players... (and the mahoganny looks so cool !...Read more on Audiofanzine

    Hughes & Kettner TubeMeister 36 Head - Effects loop

    by on 06-30-2019 16:01 I am considering buying a used Hughes & Kettner Tube Meister 36. I am not able to get the effects loop to work. I have a cable running from the output on the chorus pedal to the send on the amp a...Read more on Audiofanzine

    Epiphone FT-150 Bard - Epiphone FT-150 Bard

    by on 06-26-2019 08:51 Ok so I just picked up this old Japanese Epiphone really inexpensive here in Bulgaria. It was a mess. Cleaned it up and took it to my Luthier. We replaced the tunig keys with inexpensive replacemen...Read more on Audiofanzine

    QSC USA 1310 - Rugged Beast

    by on 06-26-2019 04:25 Meanwhile I own five of these, bought between 2016-18 and between 100-200€ each. I love its power, versatility and musical sound and I use some of them in a small homecinema application firing some...Read more on Audiofanzine

    Hiwatt Bulldog 10 - Loud Little Baby Amp

    by on 06-25-2019 13:31 I wasn't duped by the label. I know a little of the history of Dave Reeves and Hiwatt. And these little Chinese made Bulldogs aren't real Hiwatts. So I almost passed this guy by. But I was in the m...Read more on Audiofanzine

    M-Audio Code 61 - Superbe qualité prix

    by on 06-22-2019 06:04 Je ne me sers personnellement pas des pads ni des fonctionnalités de contrôle je l’ai Choisi pour son nombre de touches et sa vélocité assez intéressante pour jouer du piano pour une version plus ...Read more on Audiofanzine

    Native Instruments Maschine mk3 - Great velocity pads

    by on 06-22-2019 05:58 J’ai adoré cette machine. On peut vraiment décoller de l’écran quand on compose. Même ceux qui ne jouent pas de clavier peuvent facilement composer puisque c’est très intuitif. Le seul gros hic que...Read more on Audiofanzine

    Zoom TAC-2 - Bonne qualité prix

    by on 06-22-2019 04:20 Bonne qualité prix. Ça fait son boulot. Pratique. Auto alimentée par thunderbolt. Mais je pense qu’il y a mieux en préamplificateurs s sur du long terme si on veut passer au niveau supérieur. A ce ...Read more on Audiofanzine

    Mad Professor Old School 21RT - Old school sounds...Effectivelly

    by on 06-20-2019 02:07 This vintage sounding amp, fully handcrafted in England and conceptualized in Finland, has the following features: - Preamp tubes: 4 x ECC83/12AX7 - Poweramp tubes: 2 x 6V6 - Power: 21 Watts - ...Read more on Audiofanzine

    Fender Princeton 65 - Great Amp

    by on 06-19-2019 06:53 i generally bought my gear for personal use. Started with a strat knock off and a Peavy amp .Both nasty but get what you pay for . upgrading I like many types of musics rock ,pop etc I ...Read more on Audiofanzine

    Doc Music Station Meuf II - Heavy & Thick Distortion

    by on 06-18-2019 06:49 [b]SOUND[/b]: A thick and heavy fuzz-type distortion (more distortion than fuzz, but definitely characteristics of both), Meuf II has a good amount of Distortion even when turned low. [video]...Read more on Audiofanzine

    Akai MPK61 - Very good, but lacks features

    by on 06-18-2019 05:21 Pro - Very good keyboard, perfect action and real semi weighted - Solid built - Overall quality is top Con - No CC on the pads - No panic/all notes off button - No software editor - missi...Read more on Audiofanzine

    TL Audio EQ-1 Dual Valve Equaliser - Dont believe the bad press it gets on other websites !

    by on 06-17-2019 01:57 This is an incredible piece of outboard. Forget what you read on other forums, this is a total classic. It's been used by dave gilmour on all his albums since division bell and their engineer an...Read more on Audiofanzine

    Doc Music Station Ruby II - Simple to Use, Ultra Quiet & Superior Compression

    by on 06-14-2019 05:41 [b]SOUND[/b]: This is one of the best compressors I have used, up there with the famous Keeley compressor. Sound-wise there are a few things that stand out with Ruby II. [video]https://www.you...Read more on Audiofanzine

    Doc Music Station Dark Blue II - Boutique Flavor that Ranges from Easy Rock to Hard Rock

    by on 06-12-2019 03:54 [b]SOUND[/b]: A classic sounding distortion, Dark Blue II produces a very decent range in output and drive. When the Distortion is low there is some grain to the tone and a hint of bite. [vi...Read more on Audiofanzine

    Arturia KeyLab 61 mkII - Very good features but again toy quality, second version

    by on 06-11-2019 02:00 I was hoping this second version of Keylab would be road-safe, and Arturia could and should have learned from the many many complaints they got on the internet and their aftersales probably. But ...Read more on Audiofanzine

    Victory Amps The Sheiff V4 Preamp - Victory Amp's Answer to the Marshall Plexi

    by on 06-10-2019 04:49 [b]SOUND[/b]: The Sheriff V4 Preamp (same sound as from The Sheriff amp) has a full-bodied Marshall Plexi sounds; and so, if you want to integrate that sound with an amp you already have (via the ...Read more on Audiofanzine

    Samson Technologies Graphite 49 - I love these keyboards, but please upgrade your quality

    by on 06-08-2019 07:10 This keyboard is by far the best in the controllers that I've used. I've been using it for years on stage now. [list] [*] + Has aftertouch (yess!!!) but should be harder, it activates to fast ...Read more on Audiofanzine

    Arturia KeyLab 49 - Very good features but toy quality

    by on 06-08-2019 06:44 Very interesting keyboard and functions. Only, the keys are toy China quality and break or come loose. Even with a mint Keylab, you have the risk to slide your finger between the keys. The rotar...Read more on Audiofanzine

    nUX Solid Studio IR & Power Amp Simulator - Economical Way for Direct Recording and PA/FRFR Playing

    by on 06-07-2019 05:45 [b]SOUND[/b]: You can sound completely different with the same guitar and pedals as you change up your cabinet, amp tubes and microphone/mic placement. Solid Studio offers 8 classic cab selectio...Read more on Audiofanzine

    Setton AS-1100 - Setton AS1100 Amplifier

    by on 06-03-2019 07:57 My father owned a TV / HiFi store in Colchester England. Apart from Hi-Fi Brands like Bang & Olufsen, Sony, JVC, Technics, Teac, AKAI, Rotel, Sansui and Pioneer we sold Tannoy, Quad, Thorens, Revox...Read more on Audiofanzine

    Dr. Scientist The Atmosphere - From Simple Reverbs to Amazing and Unique Soundscapes

    by on 06-03-2019 04:58 [b]SOUND[/b]: Sound-wise, there are two aspects to consider. First, the quality and clarity of sound of The Atmosphere is superb (24 Bit A/D converters at 33.2kHz sample rate); and second, the ef...Read more on Audiofanzine

    Casio Casiotone CT-410V - Holy Grail of the 80s Casiotones

    by on 06-02-2019 14:50 Extremely rare keyboard, much harder to find than its little brother the MT-400v (with mini keys + detachable speakers). Was lucky to pick one up locally for a decent price. Wow I´m blown away ...Read more on Audiofanzine