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  1. To thumb, or not to thumb?
  2. lachey Doley .....One bad ass keyboard playing blues singing mofo
  3. Some Christmas cookies for all of ya!
  4. This is why we can't have nice things
  5. Fruitcake
  6. Borrow/rent an Acoustic Guitar on Big Island Hawaii
  7. 2017
  8. Namm 2017
  9. Motown Russ Terrana Chief recording engineer Tape OP interview
  10. Hey, anybody heard from/about
  11. Cry baby! Wah wah wah!
  12. lip-synching!
  13. John Entwistle bass solo
  14. RIP Pioneer Cabin Tree
  15. Inauguration Day LOL!
  16. I'm Ready for Some Baseball
  17. Hey All
  18. It Was the Best of Times, It Was the Worst of Times
  19. Good Grief!
  20. Gonna stay away......
  21. Not Yes, Not Zappa , Not Return from forever...
  22. In memory of the banned
  23. Japanese chicken yodelling? I say awesome!
  24. cool tune from an old local rocker
  25. The Butterfly effect
  26. America First, Finland Second
  27. Who sez golf ain't a contact sport!?
  28. TheRecordingRebels.com
  29. Finally an awesome Politically inspired Thread!
  30. Can't stop the music!
  31. What would be cool would be if
  32. An awkward question
  33. Fa fa fa fa fashion ;)
  34. Happy Mardi Gras, y'all!
  35. My new girlfriend, Alexa.
  36. Uber cool!
  37. In a funk
  38. Happy International Women's Day
  39. Trumps ObamaCare rollout looks even worse?
  40. Another new retro gaming build.
  41. Why do I do this?
  42. Planet Earth 2
  43. The Tylenol murders
  44. Scooze Me
  45. Coffee Creamer - Tim Horton's
  46. Talk Radio You Like
  47. Any orchestral string players here?
  48. What the f@&% happened to The Cave?
  49. The American Dream
  50. Passive Speakers
  51. Music Schools are Expensive (Rant)
  52. For those unhappy with your headphones...
  53. So close yet so far away....
  54. Was captain Beefheart Dr John's half-brother
  55. FEAR .........False Expectations Appearing Real or F Everything And Ruuuuuuuuuun!
  56. Wickedly awesome Indian Battle scene....
  57. Mqa
  58. Smoke n mirrors magical music equipment
  59. Anyone like old video games?
  60. Alright Zaphod B, I see you!
  61. Go speed racer go!
  62. Well, now that I've got this place all to myself
  63. Oh Hai There
  64. Selling most of my instruments and recording gear
  65. Blah!!!
  66. Post and Thread Killer
  67. A modern matrix guide to women
  68. Rami??????
  69. It only takes three words
  70. Jim Beam Bourbon experts?
  71. Cpap
  72. I found a parakeet in my front yard today
  73. Got a lot to post
  74. Anybody good with network setup on Vista?
  75. Do you have any idea how difficult it is
  76. Yestival Yes ...with Carl Palmer and Tod Rundgren opening for them
  77. Shopping
  78. The Defiant Ones on HBO
  79. I can't believe I just saw Joan Jett how many years after that single?
  80. If I seem more pissed off than normal
  81. Pay to Play and now tax on merchandise
  82. Love for new retro games
  83. Boating is good
  84. Ariel Pink Recording Techniques
  85. Poll: choice site to buy and sell?
  86. Helter Skelter - Nelson Mandela effect
  87. I'm selling a massive oil painting (music related)
  88. Home Town of Covina in the final Playoff for the Pony League World Series...again ;)
  89. Donald Trump Freekin Rocks!
  90. Bad day for Donald Trump, he's in deep shit over ...fill in the blank
  91. Cool PINK Floyd "ECLIPSE" cover
  92. Coke sniffing bees
  93. Let Go Find
  94. Play the recorder
  95. 42low & Silent Members
  96. Mother Nature at Her Worse
  97. The Burning Man
  98. Anything happen while I was gone?
  99. I did something stupid.
  100. what is the name of...
  101. Anyone Else Watching the Ken Burns/Lynn Novick Documentary on Vietnam?
  102. Whats up with Hacked stuff?
  103. Las Vegas
  104. Todays kids review Led Zepplin
  105. Sleep Paralysis
  106. My new band name
  107. A very unique set of headphones from out of the past
  108. NEED HELP: Amatuer home studio using NATIVE INSTRUMENTS drum machine software
  109. Divorce and getting back to music again
  110. iTunes and Windows 7
  111. Funny response to a VERY SERIOUS Craigslist musicians wanted ad...
  112. Oops!
  113. Great Documentary on THE BEATLES IN THE STUDIO
  114. Hey, TAE
  115. The MisterQ Check In Thread
  116. Gotta love the internets....
  117. Well, now I feel better!!!
  118. Is this something?
  119. They got me again!
  120. Happy Birthday.........
  121. Cal and West Canada fires..' From here to Greenland..
  122. Supermoon
  123. Chestnuts Roasting on an open fire
  124. Strandbeest
  125. Merry Friggin
  126. Merry Christmas, fellas
  127. Rake
  128. Music has 'gotten very girly', says Bono from U2
  129. Wow. Did anyone Southern Cal see this launch?
  130. Almost full moon for New Years Eve gigs
  131. Rose Bowl
  132. cut the cable, & (amazon) Silk browser
  133. The oceans are sinking!
  134. BRE-ENTRY, as BREXIT falls apart!
  135. Walmart announces an increase in starting wage
  136. Big Business and it's "profitability"
  137. Part-Time Jobs while working as a Music Producer
  138. I'll just leave this here...
  139. The 90's Had really Great Music
  140. Optimism, stubbornness or just plain nuts...?
  141. "No Lackin' Challange"...WTF?
  142. US/Canada folks...
  143. anyone else having Windows 10 issues?
  144. Recommendations Please for Forum / phpBB Host
  145. What makes this song great?
  146. "God, help please".... Ha, Ha, Ha!
  147. Better now
  148. Gibson money woes
  149. WTF ??? Lava lamp
  150. Smart Glasses by INTEL Wow!
  151. Clones
  152. Original or Wanna Be?
  153. whats this mean? GC and secured blahblahblah
  154. handyman tip for squeaks n shit
  155. Crimson Crowbar....local classic rock cover band that's pretty damn good
  156. is it just me? or is this bs?
  157. So incredibly bummed out :( Turns out she is the village bicycle :(
  158. The Other Hobby - Video Games
  159. Somebody I used to know....
  160. Jesus Christ Superstar LIVE
  161. Red nova predicted .. in five years
  162. Say wha...no cash accepted?
  163. Sound City...the movie
  164. guitar sale phenomena of weirdness
  165. just need to vent, divorce etc(VERY long post, beware but worth it)
  166. Lagoon Nebula Dazzles in Hubble Telescope's 28th-Birthday Photos
  167. Uranus Smells Like Rotten Eggs, Study Says
  168. Blockchain and Music
  169. Golden State Killer caught with fake DNA profile
  170. I'm just sayin....
  171. John Fogerty show in Vegas...good shit!
  172. Don't think you're good enough to post your music online?
  173. Corporate FM (movie)
  174. YouTube robotic voice narrations...WTF?
  175. Open the freekin pod doors Hal!
  176. Do You Listen to Your Own Music?
  177. Friends I need Help
  178. Old Rockers getting their ya ya's out
  179. Memorial Day 2018
  180. Hi
  181. Hey all you stinkin MoFo's!
  182. World Cup 2018
  183. Drummers gotta drum
  184. Getting satisfaction from power tools?
  185. Czech Iva Bittova out....music ala a little different than "normal"
  186. Paul McCartney Carpool Karaoke really awesome walk down Pauls memory lane!
  187. Compute sticks..?
  188. Multiple Sidosis
  189. My first "real" bass amp
  190. Alpha League Handicap match
  191. Auditory Illusions
  192. New Australian Law...requires a loud verbal "Yes" before sex.
  193. Song of the Mountains
  194. The Front Fell Off
  195. Just when you think it's safe to go back into recording..
  196. VTgreen, is having the 2nd annual Jamfest/ jamboree in Vermont Aug 10-12
  197. It's so hot.. How hot was it..?
  198. Opening a music store but one thing holding me back . . .
  199. Listening to..
  200. Some of you may remember "Brad."
  201. WOW! Great Business proposition for all you dumb ass musicians!
  202. Flash Mob Stairway to heaven
  203. Member Bobbsy - some very sad news
  204. The confessions of Doctor Dream
  205. Sound On Sound Studio (Tour) Video
  206. Books....
  207. wanna fight?
  208. Luv my Soul, Funk, R&B, Jazz, some Hip-Hop & Ol'Skool Rock, BUTTTTT..........
  209. Andrushkiwt
  210. "The TRUTH Why Modern Music Is Awful"
  211. Digital cable TV.. Ugh..
  212. Cool Interview with Corgan
  213. Finding out what a tune is
  214. Moving..
  215. Florence
  216. Jokes!
  217. TV show background music
  218. Tuning in... or out
  219. McCartney hits # 1 at 76?
  220. Silly, amusing thought of the day.....
  221. WHY does SNL sound suck so bad?
  222. WTF has happened.......
  223. The Voice USA 2018
  224. Everything's On Sale, Except...
  225. Audio Gear Political Correctness
  226. Queen movie...in the theater
  227. Some of You May Remember chrisharris
  228. So - what's with the notable usage of cassette based recorders in the Tascam forum?
  229. I'm sorta missing someones family christmas song.
  230. Mid-Life Crisis? - Don't start a band, have an affair instead.
  231. Happy Thanksgiving...
  232. Black Friday - Cyber Monday Deals Thread - Post them up!
  233. From My Family....
  234. Have a great Thanksgiving holiday!
  235. Earworm
  236. Guess Who's Going to London Tomorrow
  237. Springsteen on Broadway
  238. Been a while
  239. An Interesting and Informative Discussion
  240. Merry Chrismas!
  241. Friends?
  242. Happy New Year Y'all
  243. Free space from politics
  244. C-ya later Ray :( :mad:
  245. The Illegal Immigrant song Funny Stuff
  246. QSMP3.com
  247. Sofar So Good?
  248. Mashups....hmmmm?
  249. Things with Strings
  250. Rest in Peace Tom (fmmahoganyrush) Neville