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Thread: window 7 and the original Tascam US-122 drivers Tascam 122

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    window 7 and the original Tascam US-122 drivers Tascam 122

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    got the original Tascam 122 working with Windows 7 after many drivers issues, as Tascam doesnt support Window 7 for this unit.

    The USB 122 hookup kept getting rejected - device unknown.

    Laptop= Intel/Windows 7 32bit.

    Someone on a forum mentioned trying the Windows 2000 drivers on the Tascam site (not the XP , not the Vista, not the 1884 firewire)...the Windows 2000drivers loaded and it worked.

    ** many others stated Vista works, 1884 driver lus trickery worked. but none of that worked on this laptop. only the window 2000 driver would load.

    After 3-4 hrs it's nice to have the 122 online, even though its moved to a laptop and electronic piano usage these days.

    some whiz figured it out....and now it will survive many more years, works perfect!
    thanks whoever it was. The original Tascam 122 works on Windows 7.

    I just wanted to post a fix here.
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    That is great news! I have a vista laptop and got my vintage U-122 to work after Tascam put drivers up and it worked great. I am thinking I may have to get a new pc soon, meaning W7, and I was concerned about my old U-122 not working well with W7.

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