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Thread: Tascam DP-02CF access to FAT partition??

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    Tascam DP-02CF access to FAT partition??

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    I bought a Tascam DP-02CF (just outta warranty but rarely used). Problem: Does not offer ANY selections on data dial when trying to allocate partitions or copy to / from FAT..Does not appear to work in that mode. It means can't transfer to PC because I can't access FAT partition...Any TASCAM whizz kids out there have any helpful advice?? I have updated software,done a hard reset and tried to format / initialize.
    The card is Sandisk 4GB...? Could it be hardware? the card?
    Everything else works fine.

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    Part of it's formatting process is going to be the FAT partition allocation. You should be able to connect to it via USB and see 3 folders on the partition. I've used Sandisk 4GB and 8GB cards and never had any issues with them.
    The interface said to use "Windows XP or higher"...

    ... I used tape...

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