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Thread: Only Jacks 1 And 2 In My Audacity

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    Only Jacks 1 And 2 In My Audacity

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    Our chorus bought a new laptop with windows 7 with a Tascam US-1800 USB 2.0 Audio Interface and wanted to use Audacity to simultaneous multitrack record 4 mics but only mic ports 1 and 2 show up in aucacity as channel left and right of one stereo track. Even if I only plug in mics to ports 3 and 4 they don't show up, only mic ports 1 and 2 will. Even opening more tracks in Audacity doesn't help it just starts a new track with only those 2 mic ports. I understand this basically replaces the function of the laptop's sound card so that wouldn't be the issue, right? I read that "USB is only really reliable for a maximum of two input channels simultaneously. It just can't handle the bandwidth of more, especially when you're monitoring back too." Is that right?

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    This might be the problem: Go into Audacity, Edit, Preferences, Audio I/O tab, under Recording, Channels and select 4.

    Or ditch Audacity for this kind of recording and get a proper DAW.

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    Ditch Audacity and download Reaper. Reaper is a true multi-track DAW software (doesn't have all the bells and whistles of ProTools, but a very solid DAW none-the-less) that has a free trial download and is only $40 for the license (last I checked... highly suggested to support the project, but not a requirement) I use a Tascam US-1641 with it and have no problems, other than the occasional driver glitch (1641 is older version of 2000/800 family).
    The interface said to use "Windows XP or higher"...

    ... I used tape...

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