Hi all

Grateful if anyone can shed any light on how to do this - I am having multiple problems in setting up my Yamaha DTX900 drum kit to integrate properly with cubase pro 8.5

The kit has separate audio outs spread over 3 mono tracks and 2 stereo. These go through my MOTU 8pre interface and onwards to cubase wher I can record the drum sounds on separate tracks as I want them. That's fine but...

I understand that I can set up the DTX as an external instrument - got so far with that - the software gives the option of routing the outputs the same - so I imagined I should be able to record the MIDI output of the kit - have cubase send the MIDI back to the module and have the audio automatically streamed to separate cubase tracks.

Well that's where it all goes pear shaped - I'm confused about how I need to set up VST connections, I'm getting weird inconsistencies with only for example the cymbals sounding etc etc I'm torn between accepting that I've misunderstood the capabilities of the machinery/software or missed something obvious or should carry on suspecting that I have a technical fault with something.

I have tried to sort this out on and off for over 2 years so I really would appreciate some help - has anyone ever set such a system up?