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Thread: Freezing Midi Tracks in Cubase LE?

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    Freezing Midi Tracks in Cubase LE?

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    I saw someone using Cubase (I don't know which version) "freeze" a midi track so it would use less resources on the PC thus letting him record more midi tracks without his computer going crazy, lol. Can you do this on Cubase LE? It would be really helpful because I record a lot of songs with only midi and constantly have to stop adding stuff because my PC can't handle it all. Thanks.
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    You can do it in >any< sequencer.

    Just Solo the track and render it down into a .wav file.
    Bring the .wav in and mute the original track until you need it again.
    (the "freeze" button is just a dummies way of doing the same thing..)

    The reel-to-reel recorder guys used to call this "print-to-tape".

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