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Thread: Cubase 5 and Cubase LE5

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    Cubase 5 and Cubase LE5

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    Hi to all!
    I was wondering,what are the differences between Cubase 5 and LE5 ? What is the last one missing out ???

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    LE doesn't have:

    Polarity switch on each channel.
    freeze on tracks.
    VST instrument rack (needed for multi out instruments)
    Output and Input options other than in and out (5 has connections for external hardware)
    Time warp
    Media bay
    Unlimited audio tracks (not sure what the limit for LE is though honestly)
    Unlimited instrument and midi tracks
    64 fx return channels (LE has like 4 IIRC)
    8 FX send channels (LE has like 2 or 4 again IIRC)
    Midi fx plugins (I'm not sure if LE has any)
    Lots of included VST instruments and plugins (LE has around a 10th of what is included in the full version)
    Offline processing of plugins or audio (I thought they did with audio but now I'm not sure)
    Batch track export
    Unlimited undo and redo
    5.1 capabilities
    Extended mixer view, and you only have 1 mixer view (extended mixer view allows you to see your sends, eq, inserts, etc..)
    4 automation modes (just one in LE)
    Arranger track
    Vari audio
    Audio warp
    Control Room

    That's all the ones I couldn't live without anymore. There is certainly more than that missing from LE than that though. The biggest things I would miss are time warp, control room, advanced outputs, and the VST instrument rack.
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