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Thread: Midi Issue in Acid Pro 7

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    Midi Issue in Acid Pro 7

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    I have used Acid for years. Not an expert but I am familiar with it. I recently purchased the NI Komplete Kontrol S61 controller and have been trying to use with Acid.
    I have recorded a midi track. I can hear the keyboard as I record. I can see the data that I record in the midi track view. I can see the volume meter responding as I playback, but I cannot hear the playback. I am sure it is something simple but I am at a loss. Does anyone have any suggestion?


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    When you say you see the volume meter responding, be careful that it's not the MIDI velocity meter that you're seeing. (My apologies if you already knew the difference. I don't at all want to sound condescending.) Is it the volume meter for the soft synth you're seeing? You can check one of two ways.

    One: If they're not already showing, press 'B' on your keyboard to show bus tracks. This will show you the soft synth output levels so that you can confirm that they are outputting. (Oh, provided that you have "Show Output Meters" checked.)

    Two: Simply look at the mixer. I personally never leave the mixer docked. I use Alt+3 or "View->Mixing Console" to bring up the mixer. On the left of the mixing console, make sure the "Soft Synths" button is pressed. Then scroll over to them (if you have that many tracks) and see if the soft synths are outputting.

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