Let's say you have a region space defined on the edit window - it begins and ends somewhere in the middle of the song. You don't have the wav file but you want to import it from a firewire drive, for example, and fit it into that region space on the edit window. Sometimes this happens when you import a session off a disc and all the region spaces come up, and one by one the audio comes up too. For some reason the audio won't come up off the disc and let's say you have it on the hard drive somewhere and you want to slip it into the right region space. How do you do this?

I've tried importing an audio file, and it asks "Create new track from start" or "Region", and if I try the first one, I have to carefully drag the file as close as possible into the region space on the correct track...(innacurate).. or if I try Region, I don't know how to transfer the file to the region space.

I know it has something to do with linking the wav file automatically to the region you choose, and it looks for it in the drive(s) you specify. Does anybody know what to do here?