I've been recording first in Pro Tools 7.4 and then in Pro Tools 10 with an M Box 2 Mini for a while now and have had no issues. But, lately in the midst of recording on or playing back a track, I will hear a huge amount of static coming through my headphones that makes whatever I'm recording or listening to difficult to hear. Then after I close down the session, shut down Pro Tools, my computer, my external hard drive, my M Box 2 Mini and then reboot the system I'm able to hear what I recorded clearly again. (Furthermore, when I bounce what I've recorded to Toast 10 Titanium and hear what I've recorded on a CD-R everything sounds fine.) But, this only lasts for a short time and then the static returns.
I've tried tracing the route of the problem and first thought it was my USB cable so I got a new one. Then I thought it was my headphones so I switched those. Both of these solutions seem to work until now when the occasional static has returned. So, I'm wondering is there something wrong with my M Box 2 Mini itself? Is that why I keep getting the occasional static? If so, is there anything I can do about that? I can't really afford to spring for a new M Box nor can I afford heavy repairs at the moment so if anyone out there could offer some solutions or suggestions, I would appreciate it.
I just want to add that this problem is not dire yet. The M Box 2 Mini still functions well most of the time and hasn't really inhibited the recording process significantly, but that could change.