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Thread: Forever reinstalling drivers with PT11

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    Forever reinstalling drivers with PT11

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    A friend of mine recently upgraded to PT11, and after several weeks of error-free use, it suddenly stopped working. Avid told him to reinstall the Mbox drivers, and that solves the problem, but only until he shuts down his computer. The next time he boots back up, the Mbox won't talk to his computer until he reinstalls the drivers...again. Now Avid has stopped responding to his emails, and heís getting tired of reinstalling drivers every time he boots up.

    Can anybody diagnose the problem? It may help you to know that if he only shuts down the computer for a minute or two, everythingís fine. Itís only when the computer is off for more than a few minutes that he has to reinstall drivers on the next bootup.

    He's using a Mac with OSX 10.8, 2.9GHz intel core i5 processor, and 16 GB of ram.

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    Hey Cmpur.
    Risk of patronising, but could it just be that ProTools is defaulting to built-in audio?
    Does your friend know that he can select his interface in Setup>Playback Engine?
    Protools at my setup ALWAYS defaults to the device I don't want to use; I'm convinced it's self aware and snidey.

    Barring that, is the software (protools and driver) qualified for use with OS X.8?
    I imagine AVID would have caught this, but it's worth asking.

    Does your friend have another computer to test with? This would rule out, or prove, a hardware fault with the mbox.

    It'd do no harm to go through apple's go-to list. Restting SMC/PRAM/whatever.
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