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Thread: Can't hear wet signal

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    I'm using RME M-32 AD/DA Units connected to my HD card via an SSL XLogig madi converter. No direct monitoring function there. The RME's are connected to my desk via a patchbay. Although I am using the preamp stage in the desk everything else is bypassed on the way in and its going directly to a pair of stereo outs.

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    I'll be honest. I'm struggling now, but you mentioned a green/blue indicator earlier.

    What happens if you click that?

    Also, is delay compensation turned on? Turn it on if not.

    Really, delay compensation and low latency monitoring are two different things, but by definition both can't be on at the same time.
    Maybe turning delay compensation on is the way it's done?
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    I am having the same problem except I am using MP9 and a C600. I cannot hear a "wet" guitar sound until I add it after I record. Anyone with specific instructions, please help!

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