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Thread: Fostex X-55 Speed Problem.

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    Fostex X-55 Speed Problem.

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    I'm doing some recording on my old Fostex X-55 4 track and I noticed that I was having problems with the 2nd channel playing back correctly during mixdown. It was playing back very distorted and intermittently so I cleaned the channel fader with contact cleaner. At the same time I cleaned the metal tape heads on the X-55 but not the rubber parts of the path.

    After completing this maintainance the X-55 is now varying in playback speed. It's usually running a bit slower than "normal" pitch with the pitch knob in its normal 12 o'clock position but it will vary a lot running between true pitch and slower and faster.

    After this happened I recalled having the same speed playback problem with this deck years ago after using contact cleaner and tape head cleaner. As I recall I left it alone for awhile and then it started working normal again.

    Any ideas what could be going wrong with the speed on this unit after cleaning?
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    You have to check the idler and capstan after cleaning to see what is slipping. The entire tape path should be cleaned. the internal belts can slip, too. Also, speed controls can get corroded/dirty and there may be a master inside. For me, I put the mech into play(and ff/REW) without a cassette and apply finger resistance to the capstan, idler, and the spools to be sure they run tight

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