Hey guys,

I'd appreciate any input on this. I'm trying to set up a Logic/Mainstage combination to enable a more on-the-spot
control of parameters so that I can perform and alter my projects live.

I'm using a combination of Korg nanoKontrol2 and nanoPad2.
I'm wondering whether I can have the knobs/sliders controlling parameters of more than one instrument and effects at the same time.
For example can I have a knob to control the cutoff of ES2, the one next to it to affect the delay of another instrument, and each pad to generate a different instance of loopback/playback etc.
Or im i necessarily restricted to the mode/instrument that i have selected?

And if that is possible, can i have multiple 'banks' on my controller surface each one having a completely different set of such assignments?

A further question i have is, how about macroknobs? I've seen a feature being used on Ableton - called Beat Repeat Street i think - where you can assign one knob to control multiple parametres that u have chained together (for example simultaneously control various effects of different channel strips).
Is there a way around this in Logic? Environment would be the way i guess.