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Thread: Blending multiple guitar amp mics... worth the hassle?

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    Blending multiple guitar amp mics... worth the hassle?

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    Hey guys! I'm new around here so allow me to introduce myself... I've been playing guitar and drums for a few years, and have dabbled in recording for most of that time. I know the basics but am really looking to up my game and be able to produce some convincing recordings. With that said....

    I've been messing with recording guitar. I have a couple Shure SM57s and KSM27s. I've been messing around with recording each guitar track with both and blending the two together. My question is... is there an easier way to manage the two? I layer guitars a ton and after a while it gets to be a little crazy having two tracks for every guitar take & having to deal with 2 tracks every time I chop things/move things around. Is it worth it? I imagine I could get a similar effect by just adding some EQ to the KSM recording and shaping it to sound similar to the blended sound.

    Anyone have tips/tricks/opinions? Thanks!!

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    Is it worth the hassle? That's up to you. I personally don't think it would be worth the hassle if both mics are in similar positions up against the amp. However, if you have the SM57 close-micing the cab and the KSM27 a few feet back as a room mic, you can certainly get some cool sounds by mixing the two mics.

    To keep your many tracks organized in the Logic Arrange window, look into the Hide function. You could hide all the KSM tracks and only have the SM57 tracks visible in Arrange, but still hear the sounds of the KSM. You could also help your organization by using busses to "sum" multiple tracks to one fader.

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