Hello all , I'm new to this forum and computer recording .

I want to use my Hot Hand 3 USB to control FX triggers , swells , panning

I have Mobius , Music maker , Reaper and Ableton DAW's . I just got this set up and well - I need direction .

Using a HP TouchSmart 610 with 4 gigs ram , Win 10 64 bit with a Focusrite Scarlett 6i6.

The DAW's recognize the 6i6 .

I use a Godin LGXSA midi guitar with a Roland GR33 guitar synth . I'll be plugging this into the Scarlett 6i6' midi .
Along with the electric guitar/midi , I'll record , trumpet , percussion , vocals and electric bass guitar , acoustic steel ,
nylon , resonator guitars , soprano ukulele and diatonic & chromatic harmonicas too .

With only 4 gigs of Ram I'm compensating to the lack of Ram with the FX engines of my Roland GR33 guitar synth
module for the synth FX , I will use a T.C.Helicon Voice Live 3 X's FX for vocal , electric and acoustic guitar and other
instruments .

I have decent mics :

  • Samson C01 large condenser
  • Shure SM57
  • Matched pair hihz Shure/Unidyne PE 585
  • Shure hihz 520Green Bullet
  • Matched pair of X/Y condensers on my Tascam DR44WL .


EZ :