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Thread: Lexdicon Alpha and Reaper

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    Lexdicon Alpha and Reaper

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    I am using a Lexicon alpha Desktop, my dedicated computer is a Dell XP professional 32-bit, my software is Reaper. the problem is this: as I am laying my track I get a burst of white noise and then the track freezes. I either have to close the reaper thereby saving wha I don't want to save or losing what i did want to save. What is causing this white noise and how do I correct it. I am not using any vsts, although I do have an Alesis Nanoverb 2 it is not hooked up into my mixer yet. The problem is not in my surge protector because I have the computer and monitor on one surge protector, my keyboard, mixer, speakerws and zoom pedal are on a seperate surge protector.

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    The first thing to check to make sure you have the correct ASIO drivers installed for the Lexicon.
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