Hey Guys,

I'm having a bit of an issue with my new recording set-up not going as swimmingly as I'd like so i thought i'd run it by you guys to see if you can point it out what it is I'm doing wrong.

The system I've recently built specifically for recording is AMD Quad core cpu, 16 GB Ram, W7 64 bit OS.

As mentioned in the title, the daw i'm using the Cubase 5 and the mixer/usb interface is the Alesis Multimix 8 usb fx (this is the black 1.0 usb version btw).

Now I'm aware that the particular mixer I have does not require specific drivers. I have followed the quickstart guide in setting up the device in w7 all seems fine there. I'm also aware that whilst i can't multi-track per se, i can use the pan pots on the mixer (hard left or hard right) to get mono tracks.

what my issue is that i can play back audio fine from cubase but trying to record my guitar directly into the mixer through to the computer/cubase is a whole other ballgame let alone monitoring, especially when trying to use amp sims etc when it gets too late to record my amp. All i seem to get is dry guitar over everything, the headphone output on the mixer at full is not loud enough at all (I can still hear the guitar acoustically)

So what is it i'm doing wrong with this particularly set up that is causing me to hear almost nothing but the dry signal vs very little of the effected track in cubase (amp sims)??

hope someone can point out the flaw in the system/ set up of the equipment