So I just got this Alesis USB studio kit, it seems pretty good and seemed awesome when I tried it at the store.

Now it's home, it's set up and I just hooked it up to the computer... and here's the problem.

I tried setting it with Redrum, using one of the reser redrum kits... and the 3 toms keep going to the same channel, making the same sound [both head and rim], and I never got the ride pad to even get detected by Reason.
So I went on and tried to set up with NNXT, and at least I got it to detect all pads, but the kit I ended up with sounds pretty crappy...

Now the thing is I'll be using this kit almost every day to practice at home, and I can't stand it sounding crappy.

If anybody has acces to a drumset that I can load into Redrum or NNXT and instructions to configure the IO to sound good, it would be amazingly helpful
[Preferably a kit that sounds good for metal]

Thanks in advance