I have an Alesis QS6.1 (that I bought new long ago) and I have NEVER been able to write to any Flash-RAM PCMCIA cards. I've bought two at this point and I am certain that they are the right series/type/voltage (AMD series-D 8MB 5-volt). I bought the second card out of desperation (in case the first was wrong or broken) , but, same exact result.

I know about sound bridge, but that's not what I am looking for. It seems that almost all discussion about these cards involves SoundBridge so I haven't found anything about what I am trying to do. The manual states that you can save the user bank directly to a flash-ram card "in slot A". But all I ever get is this message: "CARD A IS FLASH - MEM CNT STRE".

It's not the write-protect (different msg then), I am quite certain it's the right card type, it is slot A, .... is there something I am doing wrong?

thanks in advance,