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Thread: ADAT ALESIS mixing down tapes from 2000

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    ADAT ALESIS mixing down tapes from 2000

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    Well to make a long story short I am trying to mix down some ADAT tapes a producer did these tapes for us my first band ever in 2000 and never sealed the deal mastering and making us a disc I a have been able to play the tapes I have some times the toms will come on for instance then drop out is this the tapes or the machine? I dont understand I see it says LOCKED on the ADAT screed after the 8 track display does this mean anything I know nothing about these machines I no more about the Computer production Im just porting all the tracks into the tascam us1641 into cubase and trying to mix accordingly. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Than You CHAD

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    Ummm Chad....could you kindly re-post yr query in a simpler form?

    1)-What are you trying to do.

    2)-What issues are you having.

    3)-Which ADAT are you using (LX or XT).

    4)-If using ADAT's, what code(s) are appearing.

    Let's start by answering above & move on to the next phase.

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