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Thread: Akai 1720W user manual required

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    Akai 1720W user manual required

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    I have an old Akai 1720W reel to reel tape recorder, which has worked beautifully for over 40 years. Just yesterday, while playing a tape it stopped, and now it seems the drive motor has a problem. I need to open it up to check for maybe a broken drive belt or a fuse or whatever. I have downloaded a service manual, but it is not very clear as to how to get into the machine. I really need help, as I have some very historic recordings I would like to transfer to CDs. I live in South Africa by the way.

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    I'm guessing the motor lube has been dried out for decades and decades

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    Not sure how close the 1710 is to the 1720W operationally, but may be close enough to get you by. The 1710 is tubes vs the 1720 being solid state (transistors), but maybe the transport and other functions may be similar.

    hfe_akai_1710_en.pdf - Google Drive (note: I purge files in my Google drive occasionally, so this link may not work in a few months or so)

    Are you using the 'auto shutoff' feature and if not, is the auto shutoff switch set to disable it? That would be one simple reason why the motor doesn't run.

    I still have an old Akai X-1800SD I got back in the mid 60's that still works.

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