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Thread: Macbook Air 2015 and Ableton Live 9

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    Macbook Air 2015 and Ableton Live 9

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    So, i am in the verge of buying a Macbook as i dont have any portable computer for work, and i was thinking to buy a Macbook Air 2015 used, so i can save some money while keep having my tracks/projects ready on the fly while traveling or having some free time at work.

    The specifications of the Macbook Air i am considering to buy are:
    -i5 1.6Ghz
    - 128GB SSD
    - 8GB Ram
    - Intel HD 6000

    I know the 128GB are quite low, i was thinking buy an external storage device and keep samples/projects/libraries there to save space. I have very little experience as a mac user so my big question is, how much can this macbook live to my expectations. I mean if i am using like 12 tracks of heavy vst (like kontakt,omnisphere etc) will i start having hiccups ? In an average estimate or by someones experience, how easily this mac can reach its limits while running an ableton project ? (I know about freezing tracks option, i would like to understand the limits before i start getting into freezing)

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    Hi there,
    That model of air is on the low side of things but, at the same time, modern laptops+mobile chips are pretty impressive.

    It'll out perform all the old core2duo models and a lot of the original + 08 4core Mac Pros.
    For 12 tracks of synths, I really doubt there'll be a problem - I ran a hell of a lot more than that on an old core2duo.

    If there are very heavy sample libraries involved maybe that's a different thing but, still, you have the SSD so the limit should be far enough away.

    I'd advise you keep the box and look after it. The hold their value crazy well if you do that.
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