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Thread: Help! How do you daisy chain two m308 mixers together for 16 tracks?

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    Help! How do you daisy chain two m308 mixers together for 16 tracks?

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    I'm linking up two 8 track Tascams, a 48 and TSR8 via a Midiizer and IF 1000. That's enough of a challenge. But I am also getting a second 8 channel mixer to handle the combined tracks. Question is to those who have done it, such as Ghost of FM who I know has two m312s daisy chained, how do you do it. The manual is kind of confusing as it looks like there is a diagram that not only has a 1/4 TRS depicted but what looks like an RCA cable as well. Help!!

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    Not sure. I'm not at this point yet. But I was wondering if you wouldn't use the send and receive of the mixers. Just a thought.

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