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Thread: External control in Cubase Sudio 4

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    External control in Cubase Sudio 4

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    Hey guys.

    Quick question for you.

    Ive borrowed an Axiom controller keyboard which includes Transport controls. In Cubase Sudio4 these are not assigned to do anything. Ideally I'd like to Play, Fast forward, activate record etc with them but can not find away (been through the manual) to assign these to do what they should be. If the transport controls in Cubase have their own cc numbers then I guess I can assign those numbers to the relevant control on the keyboard, but I have not figured out a waty of finding out the CC numbers in Cubase. Perhaps there is an easier way?

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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    look for a program called Midiox it'll tell you the parameters of every button your press on your controler then you can put the values into cubase.

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    In your device setup you should be able to load the Axiom profile and manually reassign the features from there. You may also want to do search through the forums. Someone there may already have a midi template created that you can download and load into Cubase.
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    There are no default assignments in cubase. You either have to have the device profile or set it up via generic remote
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