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Thread: Cubase LE vocal editing

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    Cubase LE vocal editing

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    I was wondering if there is a simple way to edit a peak out of a vocal track. A friend of mine uses Samplitude, and it has a sort of "envelope" type volume editor. I can't seem to find this in Cubase. Suggestions?

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    Try some compression, Southside Glen has a really cool download that is a pretty comprehensive tutorial on how to use it, and all that. Adding a touch of compression can really help out with your situation, just find one of his posts, usually in the mixing/mastering forum, download and read up. Have fun!
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    In SE, you hilight the audio, then click Audio-->Edit-->Envelope. That should allow you to draw volume envelopes until your heart is content.
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    ya sometimes i just cut the part that clipped,and bring down the gain. Thats how i used to edit on pro tracks, shitty program. Also, if you want use automation. Compression is def very usefeul to block out a lot of the peaks. One more thing, make sure your singer keeps distance from the mic, and sometimes because my vocalist steps in, i ride the fader as he sings. Try some of that, but def use compression.
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