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Thread: Protools 10 not Reading Avid Mbox pro HELP

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    Angry Protools 10 not Reading Avid Mbox pro HELP

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    New to Protools-
    pro tools is not responding to Mbox pro-
    cannot get pro-tools on mac to "hear" anything. mics or plugins.
    pro tools will show levels from the the macs internal mic.
    when i go to 'set-up' then 'playback engine' i do not see avid or mbox... i see built in mic, built in input, built in output or protools aggregate i/o.
    how do i find or connect the Mbox?

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    I think there's a driver update required for these devices to be used in PT10.
    I seem to recall seeing some link in one of the PT10 pages I was looking at ages ago about MBox interfaces requiring updated drivers for V9 & 10 of Protools.
    My Mbox2 no longer worked once I upgraded - the USB light didn't even come on after power-up of my Mac.
    Have a search on the Avid website - They'll have an update available somewhere, I'm sure.

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    As said, you will need the correct driver version for your mbox, if it is compatible.

    Going to system report through about this mac/more info, then clicking USB will tell you if the device is recognized. ie. physically working.
    (this is in system profiler in snow leopard etc).

    Going to audio/midi setup in utilites will tell you if the device has the correct drivers and is being used as an audio device.
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    well my main issue is that when i have a track loaded and i plug in my mic to mic/DI 1 my inputs are only Built-in microphone 1 (mono), Built-in microphone 2 (mono), and built-in input 1 and 2. i dont have analog 1 or 2 nor do i have anything indicating that my mic will go through to pro tools. also my outputs are Built-in output 1-2 (stereo) and built-in output 1 and 2 (mono). whatever i try my computer is the only thing picking up my voice not my mic. on the other hand i cant even record anything because there are no record or play button in the right corner of pro tools. please help i have the updated hard drive and my computer is definitely responding with the mbox pro.

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