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Thread: how to put same volume in all tracks?

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    how to put same volume in all tracks?

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    I have pro tools LE 8, I just finished recording a 13 song cd, my question is: how can I put the same volume in all tracks so the cd sounds on the same level? right now some songs are louder than others and when I hear the whole cd I have to turn up the volume for some songs and turn it down for others. I really will appreciate your help, thank you.
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    The fastest way I know is to rebounce - create a master track on each song, use maxim plugin set to the mixing default, bring down the maximum volume to about -6 db, and adjust the threshold so there is very little attenuation for that song. Rebounce to a mix folder and do that for every song. Then create a master file folder where you master your mixes. Import each one into that master file, and they should all appear the same volume. Then put on some eq or whatever, and use maxim again, this time in Mastering mode, to and use it to about -1dB, adjusting the level of the threshold to get it there.

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    There is a process after mixing called mastering. That is when you take all the mixes and tweak them so that they all sound like they belong together and flow from one to the other. You can do this by importing all the mixes into a new session, then adjusting the EQ, compression, limiting and volume of the tracks to make them all sound like they belong together. Then, rebounce or burn them
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    I'm going to try that out, thank you guys for being clear and objective, i really really appreciate your help. thank you.
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