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Thread: VF160CD--->Zoom R16

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    VF160CD--->Zoom R16

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    I've started using a Zoom R16 as my stage recorder (a single, three 1-hour sets gig). Some observations:

    (1) Lightweight package---about the size and weight of a PC keyboard (the major difference in weight being the 6-AA batteries that can be placed inside the R16).

    (2) Solid insertion of line inputs.

    (3) Just as easy to make a direct recording as on the VF and works a lot like the VF for live multitrack recording.

    (4) 4-segment LED monitoring (in addition to peak indicator) for each input and for the master.

    (5) Small 'wal-wart" power supply that is reasonably unobstructive.

    (6) I like to record dry, from insert sends on the stage mixer, so I haven't used the insert effects (but they do allow 8 channels of compression/eq/limiting at the recording input).

    (7) The sound is good---24-bit 44.1 HZ for 8 simultaneous recording tracks.

    (8) Offloading tracks (WAV files) to computer/DAW: Here's one of the main reasons I went with the R16---three ways to do it:

    -----(a) plug a USB flashdrive into the side of the R16 and store files onto it or pull files off of it. This is the slowest and clunkiest method because, as far as I can see, this has to be done one track at a time. Maybe I'm missing something---or maybe an entire "Project" (that's a "Program" in VF parlance) USB flashdrive option will be in a future software update.

    -----(b) Plug one side of the supplied USB cable into the R16 and the other side into a USB port on your computer. The R16 acts as a USB card reader and The SD or SDHC Card in the R16 appears as a drive in "My Computer". Just drag&drop (or any other way you do) the project folders and/or individual files to move, copy, delete, etc. For a Project folder that contained 8 approximately 1-hour long WAV files (tracks), the transfer time over USB in the card-reader mode was about 20 minutes. On the VF, this transfer would have probably involved burning 4 CD-R disks, each one taking about 15-20 minutes (longer if CD-RW disks were used). Then there would have been the subsequent reading of the CDs by the computer. All in all, via the USB Card-reader mode, WAV file transfer, from start to finish, is probably at least 5 or 6 times faster with the R16 than with the VF160CD. Also, it's absolutely easier and less demanding to transfer WAV files with the R16.

    -----(c) Popping out the SD/HC card (just like with a camera) and putting it into a card reader is the fastest method of transfer. I used a $5 USB SDHC card reader, plugged it into my computer and got a whole project transferred in about three minutes! 5 to 6 times faster than using the R16 as a card reader (note that, the SDHC card I had was a Class 6 card). This literally turns hours of transfer time into minutes with drag&drop (or however you do) ease. All three sets (24 one-hour tracks) transferred in about 10 minutes. I have noticed that the new Fostex LV2424-MkII is going this route.

    (9) R16--->DAW/computer--->DVD (or CD or BlueRay) archiving of multiple projects; no more individual CDs for each program/project.

    (10) Unlike the VF160CD, a DAW/computer is necessary to burn an audio CD from the R16. There appears to be no automated equivalent of the VF's "Event Enabling" (splitting a long program into separate songs during the burning of an audio CD from a marked Internal Mixdown program). Tracks can be split---but not programs. So, it appears that the R16 is not the tool for breaking long sets into shorter songs.

    (11) If you use one master mix/scene, internal mixdown on both machines is similar. If you use multiple scenes and the event map, forget it---there are no "scenes" and "scene sequencing" (automation) on the R16. It has a different approach to mixing when it comes to the application of effects.

    (12) The R16 can copy whole Projects/Programs and pass on settings and tracks from one program/project to another.

    (13) No MIDI, ADAT or S/PDIF capabilities are built into the R16.

    (14) Absolute timing information/location is more precise and capable on the VF.

    (15) The three, 1-hour, 8-track sets used up about 7GB of an 8GB SDHC (Class 6) card. This capacity/speed card currently goes for about $20; a 16GB, about $40; a 32GB, about $90.

    I'm glad that I have both units, but the R16 is an interesting, easy to transport/setup/use alternative that can save a LOT of time archiving and getting your files into your DAW. So far, the quality of the preamps and recordings appears to be at least as good as the VF.


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    Zoom on a Fostex site!!! Ooooooooooooh the shame of it. I have the H2 - its great.

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    Well, like I said---I'm glad I have both machines. My VF160CD has been a freakin' tank and as faithful and reliable piece of equipment as I've ever owned. Still runs the original hard drive and every off-the-shelf drive I purchased since. It doesn't owe me a thing. The most frustrating thing has been CD burns, but I traced that to a crimped ribbon connector (and only after about 4000-5000 CDs being burned in the drive).

    The reason I mentioned the R16 was because it also has the capability of recording 16 simultaneous channels (via the provided standard USB cable, with the addition of a second R16). I'm sure that other VF owners will be interested in that, especially at the price point of the R16. Here's a link for some user insights:


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