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Thread: Logic Pro & Ableton combination for live performance?

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    Logic Pro & Ableton combination for live performance?

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    Hey guys,

    I'd like some advice on this. I've been working on Logic for recording and producing (electronic genre).
    Although I find mapping Logics synths etc on a controller surface handy, I find Logic's ability in looping on the spot/sequencing/playing synths/ tweaking FXs at the same time a bit restricted in the sense that there's limited continuity and i can imagine this being really difficult to manage
    in a live situation.

    Ultimately I would like to trigger loops (using MPD32), sequence them and add effects and generally mess with my projects live.

    Would learning a new DAW like Ableton and rewiring Login into Ableton solve this in any way?
    For example is it possible to create everything in Logic, then send the sound of each track in Ableton and playing with the effects and sequence of loops in Ableton whilst at the same time playing Logic's synths?

    I'm not sure I want to switch to Ableton all together as I find Logic really powerful and anyways all my projects have been made there.

    Is anyone using a combination of the two for a live perfomance?
    Any suggestions?

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    I have friends (and met electro bands) who use Ableton Live for exactly what you are wanting to do.
    Never used it myself but I am impressed by how flexible it is
    A very clever jazz bass, sax and guitar playing mate uses it to record loops on the fly and then improvises over the loops.

    Logic is very powerful for recording and mixing - a studio workhorse, but from what I have seen Ableton seems to be much better suited to live performance work where the structure may change or you may want to quickly extend the groove for a further 16 bars or whatever if the audience is digging the tune.
    It has always been able to to all the real-time tempo and pitch matching magic with loops as well which blew my mind when I first saw it in use.

    I'm a dedicated Logic user, but I'd have to say that Ableton would be the way to go for using as a live performance tool....Mainstage was developed to meet the challenge, but from what I have read it still doesn't quite cut the mustard compared with Ableton Live.

    [just my 0.02]
    I don't suffer from insanity; I enjoy every minute of it.

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    Thanks Dags, sounds helpful.
    im just really trying to avoid learning a new DAW and having to start from scratch - building up songs, libraries etc.

    Has anyone used Mainstage for his kind of stuff? (live looping, sequencing, effect tweaking)
    What are its capabilities? Haven't used it yet.

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    Well I don't know much about this at all, but maybe Rewire is what you're looking for? It might be worth looking into.

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