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Thread: Logic for PC: will it ever happen?

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    Logic for PC: will it ever happen?

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    It seems that Logic 10 should be landing relatively soon. I'm wondering if they'll make it compatible with PC. That would be a major plus for me, since I'm currently a PC/inbetween user (and considering Logic), and having the flexibility between machines would allow Logic to compete with Pro Tools as a more established DAW. I can understand Apple wanting to have a Mac-only flagship DAW in the initial years, but by now Apple and Macs are pretty dominant and established brands. If they want Logic in more studios, a PC version makes sense, right? Just as iPods and iTunes work on any machine.

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    This is just opinion; I haven't done my research.

    I strongly doubt it. I'm not aware of apple having any track record of reaching out, in that sense.
    Even the OS isn't considered cross platform, although many users have found there own ways to run OSX on generic hardware.
    Apple don't encourage this and in my opinion never will.

    The point is that their software will work on their hardware, and if it doesn't it's their problem.
    The same goes for logic. I'm not saying it's flawless but you could guarantee the day logic for PC is launched, apple's call centres will go mental with issue that they aren't equipped or prepared to deal with.

    To be honest, I'm shocked they even provided a means of running windows (or any microsoft applications) on a mac, although I can see how it'd be good for the company.
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    i very much agree with steen on this; now that logic is owned by apple, and is one of their flagship products, the chances of them ever making another PC version of it seems doubtful. If you really wanted logic on a PC then either buy an old PC and Logic 5.5 (when it was still owned by eMagic) which is pretty tough to find, or build a PC system that can work with OSX although you do need a reasonable understanding of computing and a fair amount of luck to make a system that'll work, or just buy a Mac and run it as a dual boot system with windows.
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    No way Apple will ever push Logic Pro out onto other hardware.

    There's no incentive to Apple to expand Logic Pro; it's something that helps them sell computers and THAT is where the real money is (certainly not in selling copies of Logic Pro). They've got a history of keeping all of their products running on the same hardware and remaining closely tied to Apple. It's one of their greatest ways of retaining customer loyalty, and people love Apple for it (except the people who can't get the software on their PC).
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    I have been using Logic a very long time. (Pre Apple when it was owned by Emagic in germany) It used to be dual platform and I actually owned both PC and Mac versions. When apple bought Logic from emagic they shut down PC availability on purpose. As long as Apple is running the show it will only be available for mac.

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