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Thread: Logic example files

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    Logic example files

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    Hello everyone,

    I've been looking at the 3 example files that come with Logic studio 9 and have found them very helpful. Does anyone know if there are more example files out there? I don't have any formal education or training in music production business, but I know what I do gets the job done. I'm very interested, though, in seeing how other people do things and what tactics they use to achieve the same thing.

    If anyone knows where to find more example logic files, or wants to share their own, let me know.


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    Hi Paul,

    have a look at, they specialize in creating Logic templates in many genres, this can help

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    Hi Paul, has interesting templates for electronic music. You can learn a lot by analyzing what they do.

    Music freak enjoying life !
    Composer and producer of Royalty Free Instrumental Music and Hip Hop Beats.

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