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Thread: can you shift "beat 1" to a few seconds into the logic session?

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    can you shift "beat 1" to a few seconds into the logic session?

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    Basically, I want a few seconds of space in front of my first bar.... I've always just started my instruments at bar 2, but I 'm wondering if there's a way to have the "1" marker start at that spot

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    This is a simple option in project settings in Cubase and Reaper. I assume it can be done in Logic, too.
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    Well there is, but I wouldn't recommend it. The white square right next to the bar 1 marker can be dragged backward to start the song at a negative bar number. It gets kind of buggy though. For example, the code for copying and pasting automation relies on the song starting at bar 1 and it can get a bit weird if the song starts elsewhere. I'd recommend just starting at bar 2, or better yet, bar 5 (because then you skip a whole measure and your measure markers will still line up).

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