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Thread: Error loading ASIO driver...?

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    Error loading ASIO driver...?

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    When I open Reaper a white and blue window pops up and says There was an error opening your audio software: Error loading ASIO software would you like to view your audio device configuration. I have the PreSonus AudioBox USB..i have spoken with the techies at presonus twice..first was just latency now I have no sound at all i have removed and re downloaded this driver 4 times now..Anyone? Thanks

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    Ok, when you get that pop box, do you have the power on to the PreSonus?
    Do you go into your audio device selection screen and re-select the Presonus? Is the ASIO driver the one from PreSonus? If so, have you tried asio-4-all or any other driver?

    I've got a Tascam US-800 and the ASIO driver didn't work, but 'WDM Kernel Streaming' does. I haven't messed with it anymore, as I don't understand drivers, and it works! When using my Mackie ProFX12 as an interface, the 'Direct Sound' driver works ...

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