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Thread: How do i get the two speakers to work in cooledit pro?

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    How do i get the two speakers to work in cooledit pro?

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    Appreciate your advise to a very nubie user with new gear and learning cooledit pro v2.0.

    I just bought a Focusrite Trakmaster mic preamp chassis unit. I connect the Trakmaster's unbalanced jack into the right input jack of my Audiophile 2496 card. I'm not sure if i've got cooledit pro set up right or wrong, but i only hear output out of the right speaker as i'd expect since i'm only recording to one input jack of the 2496 card. Am i supposed to get a "Y" splitter to to take this ONE output jack from my preamp so i could hook this to both the Left and Right input RCA jack of my audiophile so i can record and playback using both speakers? HOw do i record and playback this mono signal both speakers properly?

    Thanks in advance.

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    You'll probably get a much quicker response if you post this question in "THE RACK" forum, b/c it really doesn't matter what software you're using. There's a lot more traffic in forums that aren't this one, lol.

    All I saw was "Y Adapter," and I remembered that I got some very specific (and correct) advice from that forum when I got my latest preamp...I have no idea what the advice was, but it led me to the correct adapter, and if it ever breaks, I'll go find that thread, lol.

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    It's quite normal to record one mono track at a time. To hear it playback in stereo it's just a matter of panning a mono track to centre.
    In the multitrack view, right click on a track and select record devices. If you're feeding the Audiophile 1/2 input left then make sure the record device is 1/2 left channel only. You will then record a mono track which can be panned. If you record to a stereo track then you will only produce audio in the left channel and therefore only hear it playback on the left.
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