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Thread: cool edit pro 2.0

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    cool edit pro 2.0

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    hey im using this software how old is it thou and by comparisin too pro tools by any chance?

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    It's pretty old, although I'm not sure of the exact date. Having said that, I still use it for multitrack recording. I've got other programs that can do that as well, but I like CE. I found a way to get it to recognize VST plugins about a year ago, and that completely added a whole new bag of tricks to use. Take the time to learn what the different functions do, and you will find it very capable. The funny thing is - most of my friends are using Pro Tools, but they ask me how to get their mixes to sound like mine. The moral of the story is - it doesn't really matter what software you use (to an extent), what matters is that you know how to use it to get a good sound.

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    Here's a little history from this very forum!

    Cool Edit/Audition release history

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    I've been a Cool Edit user since the days of CE96. Back when I first went that direction, I was using Protools at work but, despite my familiarity with PT, chose CE for my home set up. I preferred the User Interface and also like the fact the even the early version of CEP used 32 bit Floating Point as it's internal processing was getting on for 10 years before PT caught up to that one.

    The one problem you may start to have is running software designed for the Windows 95/98 generation on more modern operating systems. Clearly it works for you but I've heard of others having problems.
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    Besides having your little ticks, and small little problems, CEP2 is pretty great. Especially if you're just starting out. I've been using it and have gotten some good sounding vocals.
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