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Thread: Crackling in Sonar x1

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    Question Crackling in Sonar x1

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    I am working on a project in Sonar x1 and all has gone well up to now, but I am new to the software and I find that when I convert a soft synth track to audio from midi (via the Bounce to track option), the playback is affected by a strong crackling sound coming from a track labeled Cakewalk TTS-1 1 Output 1: Stereo. But the crackling is ntermittent. For example, the first time the playback might sound fine. But the second the crackling will appear. I have recorde a few things previously but it was on the old pro audio 8 software. Any ideas anybody? I'd really appreciate it if you can help me fix this. Thanks!


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    It might help to know a little bit about your computer and your audio interface. If you aren't tracking you should increase your audio buffers (by a bunch). make sure to set them back before you try to track again. Also, check your bit depth and sample rate to make sure that you are cinsistent throughout your project.


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    +1 to everything gcolbert says

    Also, what happens if you select all of your tracks (Ctrl + a) and do a File> Export?
    You'll need to rei-mport this wav back into Sonar to listen to it - just make sure you solo it and bypass any plugins on your master bus

    Also, try freezing the synth (not the track)

    Also, question yourself as to WHY you want to bounce your Midi to Audio. What are you hoping to achieve by doing this?

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    Agreed... Based on the intermittent nature, I would lean towards a buffer issue as well...

    Also +1 on the freezing of the synth... That creates the audio track for you.

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    Well - this thread is "old" and I donīt know, if the recommendations helped.

    Use "LatencyMon" to check your system.

    For me worked following changes - changing the "Power Plan" under "Power Options" of the System. Mostly the default is "Balanced", so use "High Perfomance". You can switch back if you donīt need it (surfing in the internet,...) - this solved my crackling in "Samplitude".

    Also - set the processor priority to "Background Services", because to giving services like the Audio Interface drivers more performance.

    If this not work, play around with the buffer size of your Audio Interface.

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